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Why would I pick R4i over others

acekard 2i buy dsi Nintendo games are very popular amongst customers. Everybody enjoys playing Nintendo games. Nintendo recently came out with R4- DSi backup flash cards that come with numerous features and benefits for their users. This article will discuss about these wonderful flash cards in brief.

What is R4 - DSi Backup Flash Cards?

These flash cards are amazing devices that comes with a complete solution. Customers need not have to purchase any additional equipments and components to install these devices. They are very user friendly and easy to use.

The R4 DSi backup flash cards are the most popular technology for playing backup Nintendo DS games also known as NDS ROMs. These are slot 1 storage devices which run with a regular peripheral. R4 DS stands for Revolution FOR the Nintendo DS. The capacity of these flash cards can range from 2GB to 32GB.

What are the Benefits of These R4i SDHC Flash Cards?

These DSi backup flash cards come with a lot of benefits and features. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Customers by using of these flash cards can view their favorite movies, listen to their favorite MP3 songs and store photographs from digital cameras
  • These R4 DSi backup flash cards can also be used to store backup of games / NDS ROMs, movies etc. Customers no longer have to worry about losing their precious games, if their computer crashes
  • These R4 flash cards can also be used with DS Lite
    The prices for these flash cards range from $25 to $70 and the more advanced models can be purchased for a more price

How to Run R4DS Flash Cards?

For using these flash cards, customers need to copy a pieace of software known as R4 firmware that can be downloaded from the official website to teh microSD card. You can buy a full backup set that R4 DSi that comes with a SDHC card that enables users to store files on it.

All the user needs to do is insert these SD cards into their R4 cartridges, and insert these cartridges into their Nintendo DS. For further clarification, customers can find more information on many of the online websites.

The R4 DSi backup flash cards is truly a wonderful device for customers to save their favorite games, music, videos or photos. There are many similar devices that are coming up into the market, so one must be careful in selecting the right device. Beware of cheap imitation devices, since they are made of cheap quality and will not live up to the customers’ expectations.

What is the Best Way to Purchase These Devices?

Buy R4i SDHC at ConsoleSourceFlashLinker R4 DS UK
R4DS DS (WorldWide)R4King (Hong-Kong /China)

Customers can find several sources to purchase these devices from. The best and the most convenient way are through online. Before purchasing these devices, a careful research has to be made and information collected. Customers can look up at the forums that discuss the pros and cons of these devices or can take advice from those who have already purchased these devices.

The R4 - DSi backup flash cards is truly a wonderful experience that has turned Nintendo DS into a portable media station. Previously Nintendo DS was only used as a game console, but with these creative devices, it can also be used for other purposes.

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